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We Are iPSE-U.S.

We are iPSE-U.S.™, an association that celebrates and advocates for America’s 68 million independent workers — consultants, freelancers, and the self-employed. Read More About iPSE

“iPSE-U.S. believes that it’s time for labor policies to reflect the new reality of work.”

“America’s independent workers contribute approximately $1.5 trillion to the U.S. economy each year. Yet they are denied the protections granted to full-time employees simply because they have a different lifestyle.”

“Independence. It’s a powerful promise and a bold premise on which to found a country – or forge a career.”


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Our Declaration

We the people, America’s 68 million independent workers; freelancers, consultants, and the self employed…

Have Tech, Will Travel

It’s arguably the sexiest selling point of independence: if you have a phone, a laptop, and a good Internet connection, you really can work from anywhere.

Association Launches New Campaign

iPSE-U.S. is calling on all freelancers, consultants, gig workers and the self-employed to join its newly launched advocacy movement and reverse decades-long prejudices that put independent workers at a significant disadvantage.

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