National Freelancer’s Day – June 20, 2019 

Our sister organization, IPSE UK, celebrates Independent Workers with their annual National Freelancer’s Day. NFD is their flagship event, bringing together freelancers, contractors, independent professionals and the self-employed for a day of workshops, seminars, panel sessions and networking.

Happening in London on June 20, 2019, National Freelancer’s Day gives UK independent workers the opportunity to take a day off to connect with and learn from like-minded peers.

Key topics will include:

  • Well-being – The importance of taking care of yourself and striking that perfect work/life balance
  • Digital – Explore the best digital tools and tricks to help expand your business and learn what’s on the horizon
  • Winning Work – Advice, tips, and more on how you can continue to market yourself and your brand in order to grow your business
  • Finance – An in-depth look at how to manage your finances

IPSE UK has brought together a unique group of freelancer speakers and panelists for this year’s event, ranging from best-selling authors to startup founders. Freelancers continue to expand into new and emerging industries and National Freelancer’s Day highlights the wide range of these industries that employ freelancers.

In addition to the events and seminars happening on National Freelancer’s Day, every June IPSE-UK takes the time to honor the top freelancers of the year. Visit their page here to learn more about the awards and the broad range of freelancers that have been honored over the years.  

Stay up to date with everything happening on and around National Freelancer’s Day by visiting the IPSE-UK blog.


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