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Become the talent agent of choice with iPSE-U.S. 68 million U.S. workers are independent consultants, freelancers, or self employed – most of them by choice – creating a powerful pipeline of talent for workforce agencies and platforms. Be a true partner who understands the unique challenges of their workstyle and helps independent workers protect their families and their finances while doing work they love. Take your talent engagement to the next level with iPSE-U.S.


Grow and strengthen your association with iPSE-U.S. Odds are, more than 1 in 3 of your current and future association members are independent workers, and they need more from an association. Complement your existing offerings and meet your members’ needs with advocacy, resources and portable benefits. Partner with iPSE-U.S. and take your association to new heights.

Policy Influencers

Be a champion of America’s independent workers with iPSE-U.S. Though they contribute $1.4 trillion to the U.S. economy, they lack a unified voice in Washington. Current policies are stacked against them and independent workers in your district need advocates who understand their needs and will help change policy on their behalf. Join iPSE-U.S. as we work together to right these wrongs.

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